Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the world need the Standard H2 breakthrough hydrogen technology?

Our technology produces low-cost, zero-emission hydrogen many times cleaner than current World standards of purity that can dramatically improve the ROI of fuel cell ownership even from the low quality hydrogen produced by petroleum refineries.

How does your hydrogen-producing process benefit the oil and gas industry?

We will help refining companies fill the ever increasing demand for the ultra-high purity hydrogen that H2 Fuel Cell powered vehicles require for maximum efficiency and long life.

What's the difference between a hydrogen-powered electric vehicle and a plug-in electric vehicle?

Hydrogen pumps dispense hydrogen gas like a gasoline pump dispenses gasoline, which means it only takes minutes to fill a tank and achieve full-range capability. Unlike batteries, hydrogen fuel cells do not lose their ability to produce full power over long periods. Using hydrogen fuel cells is also a cleaner way to power your electric vehicle since you are not relying on potentially dirty power from the electrical grid.