Introducing Low-Cost, Zero-Emission Hydrogen
from Plastic

Producing energy

Standard H2 has developed a revolutionary, proprietary process for producing clean, renewable hydrogen. Please connect with us for the water filter supply.


The Problem

No dumping
Nowhere to Turn

In 2017, China announced it would no longer serve as the "world's garbage dump," refusing to accept and recycle plastic bottles and tires from countries around the globe.

Garbage dump
Global Crisis

With governments in a panic over growing stockpiles of trash and the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, the timing is perfect for Standard H2.

Production from garbage

The Solution

Our technology can help the world eliminate large volumes of waste while simultaneously producing high-purity hydrogen.

In addition to taking measurable steps towards a greener planet, our process creates powerful incentives for nations and private industries alike.

Humankind's next exciting chapter is about to begin. And it will be powered by Standard H2.

Standard H2
Standard H2


The only reason hydrogen isn't the world's dominant energy source is that it is too expensive to generate.

This is all about to change.

With a breakthrough patented process, SH2 produces clean and efficient hydrogen from waste for a fraction of current industry rates.

Standard H2


The golden age of fossil fuel is spiraling to an end. As nonrenewable energy sources, fossil fuels are responsible for emitting harmful carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides.

JP Morgan predicts vehicles with internal combustion engines will account for only 40% of the market in 2030.2

Cars in white and black color
Providing energy

Hydrogen-powered fuel cells emit no greenhouse gases or other pollutants. Considered the most plentiful source of energy in the universe, hydrogen generates clean electricity and can be used to power vehicles, aircraft, buildings, generators, and more.


This ground-breaking system generates more energy than it consumes while eliminating stockpiles of global refuse, especially plastics.

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