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Every minute, 100 million plastic bottles1 are purchased around the world; 79%2 of those bottles remain in landfills or the natural environment.

The world has some serious problems. We can fix them.

We have polluted the earth with garbage and fossil-fuel emissions. Standard Hydrogen offers environmentally sound solutions that can reverse the damage while creating clean, efficient hydrogen.

Greenhouse Gases

Every year, the world produces record-breaking levels of greenhouse gases. In 2019 alone, we generated 36.8 billion4 metric tons of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels.

Unlike gasoline and diesel, the energy created by zero-emission hydrogen is clean and efficient. The best part is, we have a vast supply of this environmentally friendly and sustainable resource.

America’s gasoline and diesel fuel consumption produced 1,099 million metric tons of CO23 in 2018.

Globally, 30% of food6 ends up going to waste. Rotting food contributes 8% of the world’s global greenhouse gas emissions.

In America, 653 million tons of used tires7 are land-disposed every year.

Too Much Garbage

You may already know bacteria produce methane when they decompose trash. However, were you aware that more than 14%5 of America’s human-related methane emissions come directly from municipal solid waste?

When Standard Hydrogen produces hydrogen from garbage, we don’t produce any greenhouse gases. In fact, our patented techniques reduce greenhouse gases by eliminating excessive waste, including wood, paper, tires, and plastic.

Ocean Gyres

Ocean gyres are large systems of circulating currents. For years, massive ocean gyres in the Indian, North and South Atlantic, and North and South Pacific oceans have captured trash and debris from around the world.

While nations point fingers, Standard Hydrogen is stepping forward with practical measures to address the situation. We have perfected the science of turning plastics, woods, and papers into sustainable, clean, and valuable hydrogen.

Not only are we cleaning up the environment, but we are also producing a reliable energy source at the same time that will make it possible.

Every year, 17.6 billion pounds of plastic8 end up in the ocean.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean is twice the size of Texas9.

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