To the Point with Eric Mitchell— Saving the Earth: Changing Trash to Fuel with Alan Mintzer


Standard Hydrogen creates the answer to plastic waste and turns most varieties of trash into hydrogen fuel.

There’s technology available to surmount the world’s trash issue and especially the issue of plastic waste in our landfills and oceans. Standard Hydrogen has created a reactor that takes that trash and turns it into pure hydrogen fuel and sulfur for re-sale and use.

In an interview with Alan Mintzer, we discuss:

How did you invent this technology and what needs to happen next?

Can you take this into other countries? And it will create new jobs?

What does it cost to create a reactor and how can companies or communities get one? Will governments own these? Or will they be entirely owned and operated by companies in the private sector?

How quickly do you see this technology taking hold?

What do we need to know about this technology and what will happen next?