Breakthrough results demand breakthrough science.

As individuals, we saw the significant environmental and economic benefits clean and affordable hydrogen could have for the world. As a company, we did something about it.

On July 22, 2019, Standard H2 began developing the technology embodied in patent 9290386. With the proof of concept complete, this entire process separates high-purity hydrogen and sulfur from hydrogen sulfide. Converting garbage into hydrogen sulfide is cheap and easy, and putting these two processes together is how we acquire low-cost, zero-emission hydrogen from the trash.

Standard H2

Moving Forward

Currently, we are working with leading scientific experts to refine the second generation of our prototype reactor. This mechanism disrupts the fuel industry by harvesting hydrogen from the reactor into a fuel cell, then used to power the reactor.

Pilot Plant

Standard H2 is in the final R&D stages before deploying several pilot plants to demonstrate this cutting-edge technology. At the same time, we are meeting with investors who understand the magnitude of how clean and affordable hydrogen will benefit the world.