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By 2050, projections indicate the supply of hydrogen in the US will reach $130 billion per year.1

“Hydrogen is today enjoying unprecedented momentum. The world should not miss this unique chance to make hydrogen an important part of our clean and secure energy future.”2 — Dr. Faith Birol, IEA

Prepared to Supply the Impending Demand

The global embrace of clean, carbon-free energy has put fossil fuels on notice. With the mainstream looking towards new, environmentally friendly energy sources, the timing is right for affordable, zero-emissions hydrogen.

At Standard Hydrogen, we produce high-purity hydrogen from garbage without using any outside energy. In fact, our process creates more energy than it consumes.

Standard Hydrogen products are large, build-to-order systems. Please contact us to obtain specific time and price estimates based on your individual needs.

Did you know?

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Mixing used tires and plastic bottles with hot sulfur creates hydrogen sulfide, which we can separate into hydrogen and sulfur.

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When hydrogen burns, the only waste product is pure water.

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Hydrogen can replace fossil fuels (gasoline and diesel) in industrial processing, mobility, and heavy transport.

Refinery Benefits

There is a constant demand for sulfur by producers of phosphatic fertilizer and chemical industries.3

Hydrogen sulfide presents environmental, safety, infrastructure, and cost challenges for oil and gas refineries. The patented Standard Hydrogen process can relieve these refinery pain points by delivering the following benefits:

  • Safe and environmentally friendly hydrogen sulfide disposal
  • Zero ownership or maintenance costs of Standard Hyrodgen’s reactors
  • Producing high-purity hydrogen refineries can buy at a discount to their market
  • Providing sulfur for the refiners at zero cost to offset the costs of our service
  • Reducing refiners’ disposal cost by 90–95% by removing or offsetting their H2S-related expenses